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    Price: $1,100.00

    Brian Morgan


    Year: 2015 Medium: Vinyl, Acrylic, India Ink on Board Size: 20" x 16"


    Henry Hamilton Honore (1824-1916), better known as H.H. Honore, made his fortune in real estate and used his influence to create the present system of parks and boulevards in Chicago. “He has been a dominant figure in Chicago real estate affairs since 1855,” wrote the Chicago Tribune. “In that year he came to the city from Kentucky, attracted by reports of Chicago’s remarkable growth, and within a short time he laid the foundations of the substantial fortune he has acquired through his holdings of city property.”

    One of Chicago’s great architects, Daniel H. Burnham, said of H.H. Honore: ‘Too much cannot be said of what he has contributed to Chicago’s growth. Wherever his hand has appeared there has been big, broad development. He has ever looked into the future, planned for the future, acted for the future. He is a grand, good man,’” wrote the Tribune upon his death in 1916. 

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