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    Price: $1,100.00

    Brian Morgan


    Year: 2015 Medium: Vinyl, Acrylic, India Ink on Board Size: 20" x 16"


    Archibald Clybourn (1802-1872) came to Chicago in 1823 when there were just 20 white inhabitants settled near the Chicago River and approximately 5,000 Native Americans. He is considered one of Chicago’s first settlers and founders of the city. He held a contract with the federal government to sell beef to Fort Dearborn and owned the first slaughterhouse in Chicago. Clybourn was present during two wars with the Native Americans, including the Black Hawk War in 1832.

    “Everybody knows that Mr. Clybourn is a good neighbor, a charitable citizen, a true patriot, and an honest man. Although now sixty-one years of age, he retains nearly the vigor of his early days; and he looks as if he might remain the “oldest inhabitant” for many years,” wrote the Tribune in 1863 when Clybourn became the oldest citizen in Chicago.

    “He was a man of the most thorough integrity, and, though a good business man, has left his family only comfortably well off. Where he made hundreds, he might have made thousands of dollars. He was a firm believer in the future greatness of Chicago, and had no doubt that his children would live to see it rank among the famous cities of the world,” wrote the Tribune upon his death in 1872.

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