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    Price: $1,100.00

    Brian Morgan


    Year: 2015 Medium: Vinyl, Acrylic, India Ink on Board Size: 20" x 16"


    Philip Maxwell (1799-1859) was an Army physician and politician from Vermont who was assigned to Fort Dearborn in Chicago as an assistant surgeon until the fort was abandoned in 1836. He decided to stay in Chicago, resigned from the Army and set up a successful private practice at the corner of Clark and Lake streets.

    “When Fort Dearborn was abandoned in 1836, Dr. Maxwell took his 280 pounds into private practice, and it was said of him that he dashed thru the streets on his favorite gray horse ‘with all the chic and erectness of a soldier and with the abandon of an Indian,’ although the horse was panting a little after such a dash,” wrote the Chicago Tribune in 1957. Maxwell went on to become a state representative from 1849 to 1852, and was known to be a loud and boisterous joker. “He was a man of general character, and was ever a welcome guest at all public and social gatherings. He had a commanding form and dignified bearing, which always insured attention and respect. His name is intimately and honorably connected with the early history of our city,” wrote the Tribune upon his death in 1859.

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