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    Price: $300.00

    Lorca Jolene


    Year: 2014 Medium: Paper Collage Size: 15" x 12"


    My series of paper collages explores two themes that have defined my experiences as a mentally ill person. The first is liminality - the quality of ambivalence that occurs in a state of mind where stable boundaries between dream and reality, delusion and deduction, within and without are defamiliarized. My collage characters' bodies are suspended between a myriad of materials and forms - between flesh and tech, male and female, human and animal - and each one is deeply influenced by my own experiences of claiming and communicating ambiguous spaces in the context of gender, sanity, affect, and body image. The second is amalgamation. Psychotic symptoms have the effect of fusing and synthesizing senses and thoughts into perceptions of self, body, and world that do not adhere to conventional notions of logic, consistency, and congruity. Being pieced together out of materials from different sources, with each part gaining a new identity in its new orientation to others, my creatures interrogate the possibilities of psychological hybridity and juxtaposition to suggest innovative mental states and body images which cannot be easily dismissed as defective, toxic, or nonviable.

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