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    Price: $2,400.00

    Cynthia J. Lee


    Year: 2014 Medium: Oil, Cold Wax, Marble Dust, Gold Flakes on Wood Panel Size: 30" x 30" x 2"


    "Memento Mori" is an Italian phrase meaning "reminder of death" or a reminder of our mortality.  This painting was inspired while I hiked trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  I became profoundly aware of how fragile life is in the wild, and wondered how many lives were lost there when someone lost direction, ran out of water, broke a bone, was bitten by a snake or attacked by something larger.  It was a humbling experience!  I chose a deep blue in this painting to capture the fear and sadness which often accompany thoughts of death, and to convey the vastness---like ocean or sky---of what lies beyond our lives in this world.

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