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    Price: $150.00

    Kim Laurel


    Year: 2019 Medium: Gouache on Paper Size: 3" x 3"


    My work investigates symbolic forms and shapes. Icons and totems with sociological significance. Primal experiences, nature and personal identity for example, so basic to our understanding of existence, are symbolized in this private world. Cultural icons explore the associations of figurative images and objects. I love making images with animal, plant, kimono and kite icons. Blue is one of my favorite colors and is always a strong element of color and form in my work. I love primary colors. Blue is a color of emotions: joy, hope or sadness, to name a few. There are many Blues and many emotions. While visiting San Juan I did a series of blue gouache form wave studies every morning. Some of my pieces incorporate both blue and the inspirations of the Taino artifacts we observed on the island of Puerto Rico.

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