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    Price: $350.00

    Yong Chul Kwon


    Year: 2015 Medium: Acrylic on Resin, Wood Pedestal Size: 7 x 14" x 7" Edition: 5


    Today we live in the age of anonymity. With the development of the Internet, the new virtual world formed there has become another space where we exist. Under anonymity, people have been acting irrationally.  People deny themselves and try to make them new. The work for this exhibition, Anonymity_Defense mechanism, is a woman figure who is dressed as a luxury without a face. This woman, one of the characters of my novel being written by my self, thinks that the value of clothes and shoes can protect her from the society. She, an ordinary person, strongly believed that she will be judged as the upper class through these luxury gears. And she lavished affection on this socially formed self rather than her real ego.  I write a short story on the subject of everyday life. And based of the story I have made a series of statues like an illustration of a novel book. These works are the part of my sculpture series. And it seemed to fit well with the exhibition theme of “Insanity".

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