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    David Mayhew


    Year: 2008 Medium: Limited Edition Photograph Infused on Aluminum Size: 40" x 60" (Box Float Frame) Edition: 30


    A tornado warned storm passes over downtown Chicago.  Sirens shine as lightning webs its way across the skyline trying to find the path of least resistance to the ground.  The entire streak of lightning took about 3 minutes to cross the sky.  Taken 9:01PM on August 4, 2008.

    BOX FLOAT FRAME INFUSED ALUMINUM - Using a simple frame, adds a nice finish and protects the edge of the piece, keeping the focus on the image for a more contemporary modern, glossy and vibrant style. Any light that hits the piece bounces back making it look as if it were back lit and giving a feeling of depth. Ink is printed to a special sheet that is placed on top of powder coated aluminum in a high heat press. Under high pressure at 400F the inks convert to a gas that penetrates the metal where it re-solidifies. With the ink imbedded into the metal the piece has a long life span.  

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