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    Price: $320.00

    David Mayhew


    Year: 2008 Medium: Photograph Size: 18" x 22" (Framed Plaque)


    A tornado warned storm passes over downtown Chicago.  Sirens shine as lightning webs its way across the skyline trying to find the path of least resistance to the ground.  The entire streak of lightning took about 3 minutes to cross the sky.  Taken 9:01PM on August 4, 2008.

    FRAMED PLAQUE - Using a pressure mounted UV scratch resistant laminate over a print removes the need for glass, reducing weight and glare. The pressure mounted satin laminate keeps the image crisp, provides UV protection and makes the piece water resistant.  The piece has a black mat and black frame. Mounted to a Masonite backing raises the print off the black backing mat with beveled edges. All materials are acid free. Framed Plaques come wired and ready to hang just like traditionally framed photos.

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