Upcoming Exhibitions


Laura Lee Junge

October 25, 2019 –January 5, 2020

A CHANGE OF MIND by Laura Lee Junge, is a retrospective of her iconic genres encompassing past and present artworks. Not only is Junge a Chicago based artist, but also co-owner of Jackson Junge Gallery. Through years of exhibiting throughout the country, Junge has established herself and an intoxicating talent on the artistic front. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Junge has become an influential female figure in Chicago’s prominent art scene. Junge explains, “Over the past 10 years my paintings have evolved. The way I think about life and art has changed. I have grown as a painter, yes, but more importantly this exhibition shows how much my mind and way of thinking has changed.”


Tai Taeoalii

October 25 - November 3, 2019

Step into the world of artist, Tai Taeoalii, as he creates an interactive experience room in conjunction with Jackson Junge Gallery's 10th Anniversary.

THE ODDITY BAZAAR by Tai Taeoalii is the second featured exhibition. With a touch of political satire, Taeoalii wows his audience by his talent to capture representational imagery with use of only a ballpoint pen. This “interactive” experience will be the world premiere of Taeoalii’s work on a life size scale. The installation devours the viewer in Taeoalii’s subconscious mind’s eye and allowing the viewer to become one with the artwork. Drawing from themes of pop-culture and his over saturation of America’s society, Taeaolii’s imagination has never been visited in this way before.

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