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Jason Brueck & Kate Harrold

Nov. 23, 2018 - Jan. 6, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 23, 2018  6-9PM

The Jackson Junge Gallery presents REALITY BYTES, showcasing artworks from in-house artists, Jason Brueck and Kate Harrold. The opening will be hosted on Friday, November 23, 2018, with an artist’s reception from 6-9pm. Admission is FREE to the public.

REALITY BYTES dives into the art of digital collage. Artists Jason Brueck and Kate Harrold have distorted reality and formed an altered universe. Reality as we know it has taken on a surreal nature, and both Brueck and Harrold have created another dimension by utilizing technology and the digital realm. Brueck began his artistic career after practicing law for twelve years in Philadelphia. Harrold earned her BFA in photography at Cornell University. Both have taken on digital collage as their medium and have created worlds that have charmed their viewers.

The traditional form of collage has been popular throughout the 20th century. Often made out of scraps and glue, collage has become increasingly more popular in the contemporary setting. However, in that form, rarely does the viewer misconceive the work as an actual scene. Braque and Picasso used collage to deconstruct the form and abstract the image. By using Photoshop to create these scenes, both Brueck and Harrold have blurred the lines of reality and brought the viewer back to seeing a perceivably real scene.

Kate Harrold has applied her photography skills to digital collage. Harrold expressed that the way she photographs has completely changed since entering the work of digital collage. Instead of imaging and shooting the entire scene, she is able to photograph the individual without being concerned about the composition. Harrold’s subjects consist of row homes, animals, the environment, animals and most importantly, children. Harrold states, “Their fearlessness, innocence, and imagination are inspiring. They have the power to care for our environment, love without bias, and make decisions for themselves. It is this pureness in the face of adversity that I try to convey in my images.”

Jason Brueck’ career as a digital collage artist stems from him practicing collage in the traditional form. He is known for his style of combining elements of light and dark, good and evil, and life and death. He often references world and art history and appropriates master’s works along with guiding his viewers through his pieces with motifs of butterflies, birds, flames, road signs and astronauts. Brueck references his piece, “The Offering” and states, “An offering is defined as a thing offered as a religious sacrifice or token of devotion. Personal sacrifice and unfettered devotion are rare these days. People often take the easy way out, unwilling to truly commit to something or make that offering for whatever it is they seek. Without sacrifice, your dreams will never be realized.”

At first glance, Harrold’s scenes seem innocent and playful, but the underlining tone of her works implement the feeling of danger and internal struggle. Brueck, portrays that openly and finds that the feeling of loneliness is an opportunity to discover something about the inner self. By embracing the digital age, both Brueck and Harrold have created worlds of illusion and impossible realities that become an immersive reality for the viewer.

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