Errol Jacobson & Stephanie Weidner

January 18 - February 17, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 25, 2019  6-9PM

The Jackson Junge Gallery presents their first exhibition of 2019, INSIDE OUT, showcasing artworks from artists Errol Jacobson and Stephanie Weidner. The opening will be hosted on Friday, January 25, 2019, with an artist’s reception from 6-9pm. Admission is FREE to the public.

Both plein air painters, Errol Jacobson and Stephanie Weidner, explore the differences and similarities between en plein air painting and studio painting. These two painting styles have been practiced for generations, but it is well known that the early masters preferred the studio because they were able to control the environment and spend more time with the subject matter. During the mid-19th century, artists ventured outside for the natural light. During that time, the spontaneity of the light and weather challenged the artists to work quicker and, thus, emerged the impressionist style. INSIDE OUT is an exploration of these two styles and challenging the viewer to see the differences between studio and en plein air painting.

Errol Jacobson is a Chicago based artist who works in oils. Jacobson paints both en plein air and in his Chicago studio.  His paintings are known for their atmospheric quality and somewhat moody feel.  He attempts not to overwork or finely render his paintings leaving much for the viewer discover and enjoy on their own.   Jacobson is open to discovery and artistic growth by incorporating experimentation whether it is with design, materials or paint application, all in order to produce new, interesting and truthful paintings. He has recently devoted himself to painting cityscapes attempting to capture the energy, vitality and spirit of the city.  He sometimes paints recognizable landmarks but often paints overlooked areas and other aspects of the city.

Stephanie is a Chicago contemporary realist painter.  Her preferred medium is oil and she includes everyday objects in her still life compositions. Weidner finds beauty in those objects but is aware that those objects often go unnoticed in one’s space. Her goal, is to make the painted image more intriguing than the object itself.  Weidner challenges herself by simplifying the amount of detail needed to make a painting come to life.  Additionally, she paints en plein air where she focuses on light and contrast and the challenge of making a flat painting surface "pop" with dimension.

Both Errol Jacobson and Stephanie Weidner live in the Bucktown neighborhood on the north side of Chicago with their two cats, Cecil and Toulouse. Jacobson and Weidner received training at the renowned Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts located in Chicago.  Jacobson has studied independently with master painter,s further honing his skills as an artist and currently teaches plein air painting at the Palette and Chisel passing on to others what has been generously given to him. Weidner received her Bachelors and Masters in Architecture at the University of Illinois, while taking many art related classes. Both are members of the Chicago Plein Air Society. 

INSIDE OUT explores the two styles of en plein air painting and studio painting. Errol Jacobson and Stephanie Weidner bring these two traditional styles of painting into a contemporary setting. Each artist makes every day scenes and objects special and relevant to our daily life, specifically here in Chicago.

Artists: Errol Jacobson and Stephanie Weidner

INSIDE OUT runs January 18 – February 17, 2019 and is curated by Gallery Director Chris Jackson, Assistant Gallery Director Kaitlyn Miller.

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