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July 12 - Sept. 7, 2019

The popular ONE WALL rotating exhibition presented by the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park, returns for its fifth season on Friday, July 12, 2019 and runs through Friday, September 6, 2019. ONE WALL is exactly how it sounds, one wall. Over the course of eight weeks, four unique installations will transform the space occupied by the wall. A unique aspect of this exhibition is that it has 24-hour public exposure and can be viewed in the gallery’s prominent street level window at any time.

Artist reception, free to the public, will take place on the opening date of each instillation. Four artists were selected to participate in this exhibition with work spanning a variety of themes and mediums: 

ROUND ONE - July 12th – July 25th

David Krzeminski

David Krzeminski is an artist/graphic designer living in Chicago. Krzeminski graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Visual Communication in 2009 and is currently working as a full time graphic layout specialist and part time abstract artist. When asked to embellish about his work, Krzeminski said, "My fine art is mostly an exploration of high-contrast abstract drawings. Free-form lines, dots and shapes are combined with ridged grids and geometric patterns to create pieces that are randomly drawn, yet highly structured compositions. Mostly created as black and white ink drawings, select pieces are also translated into screen prints using high contrast fluorescent and vibrant colors." Krzeminski's piece for ONE WALL will be his largest composition to date and creates an optical illusion effect as your eye moves across the canvas. Although the piece's composition is created using a square grid, the squares can appear to wave or look uneven. Simple bright colors contrasting against each other in this specific pattern can cause your brain to become confused as it keeps trying to simplify or "correct" what your eyes are seeing. Krzeminski enjoys playing around with abstract patterns that create optical illusion effects, such as this. Krzeminski states, "I like to think of optical patterns as a sort of reminder that nothing is always as it seems. Your mind can play tricks on itself, skewing your perception of reality. In this world of nanosecond attention spans, sometimes it's important to stop and try to fully understand what is right in front of you before you let your resting brain do all the fast assuming."


ROUND Two – July 26th – August 8th (Opening Reception is the First Friday of Wicker Park Fest)

Ava Grey & Czr Prz

Ava Grey:

Ava Grey is an artist duo comprised of Caesar Perez and Nick Glazebrook – a partnership that seamlessly weaves their individual visions and talents. Nick has a background in architecture and had a computer animation company for 11 years before following his passion to create with his hands and become a sculptor. Fueled by a mutual desire to create larger, more intricate works of art, Caesar and Nick started working together 6 years ago and have evolved their crafts and techniques to create art iconic to their own combined styles.

Czr Prz:

Caesar Perez is a multi-faceted urban contemporary street artist, illustrator and go-to taskmaster for the imagination. A hyper-creative, Caesar’s 20-year career has peppered the globe with various works. Although born and raised in Chicago, his stories have touched countless locations from America to Europe through works like large-scale murals, interior and exterior installations, paintings and sculptures as well as events and photo/video shoots in which he served as a creative director. His work is very thematic and in a constant flux, changing from urban landscapes to elements of nature, down to abstractions of tangible objects. Even when transitioning between mediums, his work still maintains techniques from years of illustration, painting, and design, leaving a signature style that is visible regardless of the subject matter. Much of his influences lie in varied art forms from Classical Renaissance and Impressionism to more modern genres such as graffiti and graphic novels.


ROUND Three- August 9th – August 22rd

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller is an interdisciplinary and conceptual artist based out of Chicago. His work looks somewhere between streetlight and starlight, investigating the nuances of our relationship to contemporary constructed light environments. Some works invite reflection or celebration of our command over light, while others offer criticism of the systems, structures, and networks that form and signify this complex relation and the consequences of living within these lit environments. Miller questions, “As we over-light our word, what is lost when darkness is conquered?” His pieces may range from complex spatial installations to paintings, photographs, works on paper, and walking scores. Simply walking down the street one is subjected to a luminous tableau of light-text, from humming neon to imposing light boxes and now the scrolling, flashing, dancing LED displays and digital screens that have become synonymous with 21st century storefronts. Streetlights bathe our paths in a saturated, multicolored glow that, in conjunction with the lit signage, transform our movement through constructed spaces into phantasmagorias and immersive experiences of color, light, and shadow-play. Following the Light: A Pedestrian Signal Dérive was one of Miller’s first attempts to have work navigate a different path in relation to light and how we actively experience it on a daily basis by creating a walking score that utilized literal guidance from pedestrian crossing signals to move through the city.


ROUND Four – August 23th – September 6th

Alex Peyton-Levine

Alex Peyton-Levine moved to Chicago in 2015 to receive her Master's Degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Peyton-Levine grew up considering art mostly as a language and tool, rather than an object-oriented practice and states, "Inevitably, I have maintained this relationship to making art, wherein I am more concerned with what my work is saying rather than what it looks like. For me, art has always been a way of looking into myself. I have pursued this career because I embrace the selfish nature of being human, in that our own bodies and our own minds are the fundamental lenses through which we can see the world, and we rely on each other to communicate about our unique experiences and to share what we know. As an artist, my aim is to use my art to engage in conversation." Peyton-Levine is known for her multi-media practice and will adjust her materials and methods to address the circumstances surrounding the space.

Working with paint, fabrics, flowers, plastics, paper, wood, found objects, often evokes feminine power.

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ONE WALL runs July 12th – September 6th and is curated by Assistant Gallery Director, Kaitlyn Miller.

Featured Artists: David Krzeminski, Ava Grey & Czr Prz, Jordan Miller and Alex Peyton-Levine

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