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July 13 - Sept. 7, 2018

ONE WALL is exactly how it sounds, one wall. But over the course of eight weeks, four unique installations will transform the space occupied by the wall. A unique aspect of this exhibition is that it has 24 hour public exposure and can be viewed in the gallery's prominent street level window at any time. 

Artist's Receptions are Friday, July 13, July 27, August 10 and August 24, 2018 from 6-9pm, Free to the Public.

The popular ONE WALL rotating exhibition presented by the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park, returns for its fourth season on July 13, 2018 and runs through September 6, 2018.  ONE WALL is exactly how it sounds, one wall. Over the course of eight weeks, four unique installations will transform the space occupied by the wall. A unique aspect of this exhibition is that it has 24-hour public exposure and can be viewed in the gallery’s prominent street level window at any time.

This year the Jackson Junge Gallery presents, ARTWEAR a rotating wearable sculpture instillation. This exhibition references the fundamentals of jewelry, with the spirit of fine art sculpture. Over the course of 8 weeks, this exhibit will change four times to feature four different jewelry case installations.

Artist reception, free to the public, will take place on the opening date of each instillation. Eight artists were selected to participate in these exhibitions with work spanning a variety of themes and mediums: 

ROUND 1 -  July 13th – July 26th

ONE WALL: Samuel Schwindt “Untitled X-Ray Instillation 1”

"Untitled X-ray Installation 1" is a commentary on the dueling concepts of intimacy and detachment. At once the skeleton imaged in the x-rays are intrusive, but also only reveal a universal structure we all share. These beautiful, intimate portraits relay the basics of the human anatomy and what connects us as human beings. Recovered from an auctioned storage unit in Indiana, the x-rays are scans of various patients from a closed hospital. They range from chest x-rays to legs, wrists, etc. The identity of each individual patient has been removed, and what is left is a duality between the coldness of a mechanical image, and a portrait of what, in part, makes us human. The installation also asks the questions, what happens when images of our bodies go to auction? What makes us, us, and at what level, are we unique creatures?

Samuel Schwindt is an interdisciplinary artist who seeks to tell stories. Whether acting as journalist, philosopher, teacher, historian, or creator, his work utilizes storytelling as a material and concept and is expressed through language, color, form, and light.

ARTWEAR: Stefani B

Stefani B is best known for merging past and present in her original pieces, which echo the historic treasures she's studied in the towns and temples of Europe and Asia. In her newest collection, relics, she embellishes small antique vessels and pendants, collected during her travels, adding gold, silver and a variety of gems, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that are exquisite and singular. Stefani B believes that "beautiful things should be enjoyed, not stashed in a drawer for special occasions." To that end, her creations are dramatic and definitive, intricate and understated, witty and extremely wearable...and each piece features only precious and semi-precious stones and metals.

Stefani has contributed to Chicago's fashion industry for several years as an Associate Professor in the Fashion Marketing and Management Departments of several local colleges and has co-authored two books, the award-winning In An Influential Fashion: An Encyclopedia of 20th Century Designers and Retailers Who Transformed Dress and The Why of the Buy: Fashion and Consumer Behavior. She also owned and operated ONE PLUS ONE boutique, which featured a line of private label knitwear she created, as well as a carefully curated selection of innovative jewelry and accessories.

ROUND 2 – July 27th – August 8th

ONE WALL: Russell Muits “Under the L,” “Chicago Street Iron” & “Richard’s Corner”

Russell Muits’ ongoing body of work, Storm Print City, began in 2007 in Seattle, Washington. Since he has traveld to over 50 American cities and has created 500 unique prints on canvas. He has found that the thrill of discovering and learning about these overlooked objects and the people he meets is what has inspired him most. Muits expresses, “I'd like to continue to inspire others to look at their neighborhoods in a different light and maybe to find their own creative path.” 

Muits’ ONE WALL instillation is made up of 3 canvas prints, “Under the L,” “Chicago Street Iron” and “Richard’s Corner.” “Under the L” is an amalgam of maintenance hole cover prints. Each print represents the different L lines in their corresponding colors and were printed at either one of the stops or under the line itself. Then, the final prints are marking where the Jackson Junge Gallery is in Wicker Park. “Chicago Street Iron” is made up of prints from Milwaukee Ave and neighborhoods, Irving Park, Lincoln Square, Logan Square and Wicker Park Bucktown. The final piece has 4 prints of the same coal hole cover, manufacture by Richards & Kelly Co., located on a random corner in Bucktown. While making the first print, a man named Richard, who lives cattycorner to the cover, gave a history of the neighborhood to Muits. Turns out that the cover was in front of, Richard’s bar, a local staple, for years, so to continue the tradition, Muits named this piece, “Richards Corner.”

Muits studied advertising and design at Hussian College in Philadelphia in the late 90’s. In 2006, he re-located to Seattle where he admired his first sewer cover. After a year, Muits couldn’t get the cover out of his mind he says, “I grabbed some crude materials and made a print that night. I had not that excited about something creative since college a- it was tangible, I could feel it, smell it, see the nuances, fonts, etc.... and I fell in love.” He is still a graphic designer by trade and spent the last 10 years as a freelancer with a couple full-time stints - both of which made him realize he needed to be on the road and in the streets.

ARTWEAR: Katie Netti

Katie Netti is an ethical taxidermist combining the traditional practice of taxidermy with art and jewelry, raising questions of agency and source ethics.  All of the specimens used within this body of work are made from animals that were killed by vehicle collisions, poison, window strikes, etc.  Nettie aims to explore the relationship between humans and animals, examining the presumed rights over their lives. Netti says, "The moral and social ethics involved when sourcing animal parts or materials for art objects is an integral part of my creative process." Netti raises the notion that concerns for wildlife are overshadowed by human personal comfort. Additionally, she states, "certain species' lives are federally protected and valued, while others are regarded as a 'nuisance' and targeted." By working with the remains of once living beings, Netti's work faces the value of life head-on. She explores these conflicting feelings while preserving the beauty of discarded nature.


Katie Netti is a graduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Sculpture department.  She previously ran a production studio in Chicago and taught Fine Art's in High School for 11 years.  Her current practice questions the world between traditional taxidermy, contemporary art, and the Anthroposcene. 

ROUND 3- August 9th – August 23rd

ONE WALL: Lindsey Liss

Lindsey Liss is a creative creator, intuitive, idea incubator, love generator, bad energy terminator, speaker of truth, ego slayer, light sabor, knowledge collector and self-inspector. She is a poet, designer and artist. 

Liss says, “Evil and hate thrive on silence. If you are not actively sharing love, you become a part of the hate narrative. The use of language and light as a medium shares empowering ideas of protest against the hate in our world and the proliferation of love as a healing and nourishing agent.”

ARTWEAR: Steven Clarke “Smooth Sailing”

Steven Clarke's digital sculptures are explorations of balance, the forces and curves of water. His series, Smooth Sailing, combines the ephemeral and reflective quality of water's surface with the solidity and strength of stainless steel. The Pendant Necklace from this series is meant to be both art and worn in everyday life. The design is fluid and minimal contemporary in nature. This, along with the strength of stainless steel, makes his work last a lifetime. He has designed the necklace to evolve with the wearer by making the cord easily changeable over time.

Steven Clarke received his BA in Architecture at Miami University and studied Film and Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he explored water and digital surfaces. The Smooth Sailing Pendant Necklace is part of the UIAX collection 3, and was a semi-finalist in the 2017 International Inspirelli Design awards. The remainder of the collection includes a Chair, Table, Light, Wall Panel Rug and Vase that share a singular design language. Clarke is currently a Lighting Designer at Gwen Grossman Lighting Design.

ROUND 4 – August 24th – September 6th

ONE WALL: SKP – “One Strange Character”

One Stranger Character is a pop-up shop inspired creation by chicago local artist, SKP. Inspired by anatomy, mental illness, dreams, and oddities alike, the ONE Wall instillaition will feature originals, limited edition prints, and small merchandise available for purchase. SKP invites the viewer to take a glance at this pop-up style installation where every strange character is made to feel right at home. One Strange Character is a SKP’s current collection that is a compilation of the reflections of her mind and all of her inspirations over the course her past and present.

SKP received her undergrad from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied painting, drawing, printmaking and instillation. Since, she has been curating while working with local art galleries, collaborating with other local artists, and discovering her own artistic practice.

ARTWEAR: Caridá Cirå Diaz

Diaz earned her degree from Rhode Island School of Design. Since she has been working as a designer of wearable sculpture and interning with design firms around Chicago. She has an excellent eye for detail, which translates into her beautifully embellished necklaces, which will be the highlight of her instillation.


ONE WALL runs July 14th – September 7th and is curated by Assistant Gallery Director, Kaitlyn Miller.

ARTWEAR runs July 13th – September 6th and is curated by Gallery Assistant, Jordan High.

Featured Artists:  Samuel Schwindt, Stefani B, Russell Muits, Katie Netti, Lindsey Liss, Steven Clarke, Sasha Perez and Caridá Cirå Diaz.

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