BOOK LAUNCH: "The Forest Within" by Sue Susman - April 29th Learn More


29-Apr-2018 3 - 4:30PM

Book Launch

"Sue Susman brings her artist's eyes, heart and rare sensibilities to create a work that expands, refines and deepens us all!"

Zoe Keithley, Crow Song, The Calling of Mother Adelli, Jophile's Story

"In this amazing collection, poet Sue Susman takes readers on an intimate journey into her heart and soul. She bravely shares her loves, losses and victories in visually evocative language that will inspire readers to also examine their lives."

Myrna Petlicki, Writer and Lyricist

Sue Susman is a licensed clinical social worker and certified addictions counselor. She lives in Chicago. This is her first collection of poems.

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