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As a member of our community, your safety and well-being are our biggest priority.  The storefront gallery will remain CLOSED until further notice.

We will continue to operate remotely from the safe confines of our homes.  Please call or email with any questions, comment or concerns.

Email: support@J2gallery.com          Phone: (773) 227-7900


Needless to say, this is a very difficult time for a small business to operate.  Like other businesses on their usually populated block of Milwaukee Ave, Jackson Junge Gallery has been hit hard by the closure and the staff are eager to be able to safely get back to work.  Both the artists showcased and the staff employed, who rely on income from sales of the artworks, have been left without revenue.  While not asking for donations, the Jackson Junge Gallery has devised a unique way for patrons of the arts to support our local artists and the gallery’s continual commitment to the artistic community.  While the storefront showroom remains closed, Jackson Junge Gallery is encouraging purchases of GIFT CERTIFICATES to be used towards any future artworks or picture framing.  As a token of appreciation, all values of the gift card will be increased by 10%.  For example, a $500 Gift Certificate would be issued for $550.  The gift certificates are available in any denomination.

We are partners, and when we rally together as a community - of artists, framers, business owners, and human beings - we will emerge on the other side stronger and wiser and ready to crush the rest of 2020

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