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Opposition at Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave., in Wicker Park, addresses many issues of the day, like the rallies that have had people swarming in plazas and streets across the country during the last several months. 

"The political atmosphere, racial tensions and the environment are just a few of the many issues that have impassioned people," said Chris Jackson, Gallery Director. "We felt that this would be a good time to give artists an opportunity to comment on the issues of the day that are their passions." 


"Open Season," Darrin Patton

From "Ode to Standing Rock" to "The Juice Man" and "Fake News" to "Cop," each of the 23 artists has made a statement in the 40 pieces filling the gallery. They have created their pieces with paint, collage or by sculpting and photography. 


"Nevertheless she resisted", Brian Morgan

As one walks from piece to piece, it becomes evident that one's own perception may be different than any intended message. 

Evan Haase's “Old Glory” is a good example. Created from 15,085 spent bullet shells, the artist says, “Either on neighboring streets, in homes, or even in schools, we consistently hear of someone staring down the barrel of a gun and taking lives.” Someone else said, "It is good to remember that we are being kept safe nationally and locally by people in service." 


"Old Glory," Evan Haase


"Cop," Karl Jahnke

"Nevertheless she resisted" may mean one thing to the women who showed resistance in the 60s and 70s and something else to Millennials. Artist Anastasia Mole makes her concerns for the issues at Standing Rock clear by her actions while her painting to some appears to be an homage to Native Americans. She is donating all her proceeds from the painting and prints to the cause of Standing Rock.


"Merger wedding band," Jim Bove

Looking at dimitre's image along the Chicago River one pauses then really looks and says, "what is happening?"  As he says, "It is in the eye of the beholder. Is the building rising or sinking?" The title is "Sink Trump 4090."

Take a few minutes to stop by the Gallery before May 1 and see what you think. Their hours are Monday thru Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. or on Sunday until 7 p.m. Admittance is free and your time will be well spent for your eye and soul. 

The show was curated by Chris Jackson, Laura Junge, and Gallery Assistant, Sasha Perez


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