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Local Art Gallery Gets Creative with COVID-19 Shutdown


CHICAGO— As COVID-19 sweeps across the country, businesses of all types must close their doors in the name of public safety.  Jackson Junge Gallery, a family-owned and operated business in Wicker Park for the past 10 years, is no different.  For the next 30 days the door won’t chime and prompt a friendly greeting from owner, Chris Jackson or gallery pup, Otis.  Unfortunately, the art will remain on the walls with no-one to appreciate it.  


Not a month ago, Jackson Junge Gallery, a fixture in the Wicker Park Arts District, was alive and buzzing with energy. Clients stopping in to pick up custom framing projects, artist’s receptions being held, gallery assistants re-hanging artwork after a piece has sold and friendly neighbors just stopping by for a chat.  The artists, with pieces in the current steampunk themed group exhibition, THE FUNK MACHINE, can no longer enjoy watching their works meet the public eye, many of them for the first time.  Submissions for upcoming shows have been halted and other gallery events such as  wedding receptions cancelled, exemplifying the pervasive impact this pandemic has had on all facets of our lives.  


All that being said, Jackson Junge Gallery has not gone quiet.  It remains committed to showcasing their artists and sharing art with the world.  For each day of April, one of their more than 30 artists as well as staff will be taking the spotlight on the @jacksonjunge Instagram, Facebook and @J2gallery Twitter feeds, offering unique insights into their work and essential information such as how many rolls of toilet paper they have on hand.  

Needless to say, this is a very difficult time for a small business to operate.  Like other businesses on their usually populated block of Milwaukee Ave, Jackson Junge Gallery has been hit hard by the closure and the staff are eager to be able to safely get back to work.  Both the artists showcased and the staff employed, who rely on income from sales of the artworks, have been left without revenue.  While not asking for donations, the Jackson Junge Gallery has devised a unique way for patrons of the arts to support our local artists and the gallery’s continual commitment to the artistic community.  While the storefront showroom remains closed, Jackson Junge Gallery is encouraging purchases of GIFT CERTIFICATES to be used towards any future artworks or picture framing.  As a token of appreciation, all values of the gift card will be increased by 10%.  For example, a $500 Gift Certificate would be issued for $550.  The gift certificates are available in any denomination.

Looking forward, gallery owner Chris Jackson states, “We are partners, and when we rally together as a community – of artists, framers, business owners, patrons, collectors and human beings – we will emerge on the other side stronger and wiser and ready to crush the rest of 2020.  We thank the community for showing their support during this unfortunate time”.

In the downtime, Jackson Junge Gallery is exploring new ways to share art with the public and create their own work as many employees pursue their own artistic callings.  Support Jackson Junge Gallery through their website www.j2gallery.com or follow them on Instagram @jacksonjunge, Facebook, or Twitter @J2gallery. 


A K Jackson

Aaron Wooten

Allan Teger

Anastasia Mak

Audry Cramblit

Andrea Mistretta

Benjye Troob

Brian Morgan

Bruce Holwerda

Chester Allen

Daniela Ovtcharov


David Mayhew

Ennis Martin

Eric Carson

George Keaton

Irena Saparnis

Jack Valentine

Justin Miller

Karina Llergo

Jason Brueck

James Mesple

Laura Lee Junge

Kavan Geary

Kate Harrold

Kate Hoyer

Pedro Igrez

Paul Kolenda

M Jackson

Richard Laurent

Russel Muits

Sharon Bladholm

Will Armstrong

Tai Taeolii

Thomas Prinz

Vladimir Ovtcharov

Will Orman

Chester Allen

Sam Arnold [Sam Lynn Studio]  

Meg Boylan [Meg Boys Studio] 

Jenise Catiri

Teri Cote

Katy Froeter [Solder & Sage]

Laura Garza [Organica by Laura] 

Crystal Hartman

Kat Huddleston [Fused Glass by Kathie]

Melissa Kolbusz [Wired.]

Jeneba Koroma [Limba Gal] 

Therese Kuempel

Allison Mooney

Jennifer Mosley [Pleasure Hunter] 

Delphine Pontvieux [NYET Jewelry]

Paige Quinn-Vasic

Rebecca Zemans

Pedro Igrez [Olmogris]

Emily Chiristopherson [EMRIS]  

Elaine Coorens

Richard Laurent

Jim Bachor  

Anastasia Mak

Celia Greiner [ZUMO]

Tom Hill

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The Jackson Junge Gallery features the work of Laura Lee Junge and other contemporary artists.

Jackson Junge Gallery’s goal is to generate a cultural center encompassing a compilation of the arts, by combining all the services associated with an art gallery presented in an innovative artistic environment.  Exhibiting both emerging and established artists in a wide range of mediums, the gallery is identified by its atmosphere, function, and energy.  With the belief that art should be accessible to everyone, Jackson Junge Gallery offers a wide range of price points to accommodate any budget. We are a service company, dedicated to long-term relationships with our collectors and artists

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