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Thomas Prinz

Born and raised in Wisconsin - I limped along during my childhood floating adrift attending public school as a undiagnosed dyslexic until 4th grade. Majority of my favorite years were pricelessly spent working under the thumb of the late great ornamental plaster master – Jules Orlandini – who taught me patience, organization and most importantly, diligence through trail and error.

After moving to Colorado in the early 90’s, I got a job in a bronze foundry chasing metal and found out that the process of giving life to a monument is not much different than birthing a decorative piece of ornamental molding.

As a result, the Hammerman Series was born to serve as a primordial conversion of ideas that link us to the past, and tie us together regardless of culture to the umbilical chord of the universe - where life begins.

Each piece is a study of emotion and thought by way of gestures originating from experiences witnessed through travel. First by cutting / welding / shaping small pieces of bronze - starting at the feet – ending at the head. Focusing on the negative space and attitude without a face that later evolve into clay or plaster before becoming cast into bronze. Traditional patinas are used. To preserve the sense of primitivism, all are based on stone or wood.

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