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Tai Taeoalii

Tai is an American/Samoan mixed-media artist and award winning filmmaker from Salt Lake City, Utah with international recognition. His admiration for the arts at an early age led to experimentation with many art-forms including tattoo, graffiti, comic illustration, sculpture, music and film. His most recent body of work uniquely combines the use of ballpoint pen, spray paint, acrylics and marker inks and provides a refreshing visual experience. Subscribing to the defiant and raw spirit of urban influences, Tai has forged an unlikely union between the liveliness of Street art and the conventionalism of Fine art.

Tai has sold thousands of his original artworks worldwide and recently he has been touring the nation with his wife and two children, selling his work at art festivals and galleries, generating a wide variety of collectors and winning a multitude of awards. Tai has put his filmmaking career on hold to pursue his visual art ventures, however his latest feature film Darkroom, which stars Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes), Darren Dalton (The Outsiders) and David Stevens (Punch Drunk Love) is currently available on DVD.


Using techniques cultivated from urban influences and concepts spawned from my admiration for Salvador Dali and obsession with the Pop Cultures of the 20th Century, my goal is to bring to fruition a visual experience that is honest & hopefully profound.

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