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Russell Muits

Russell Muits’ ongoing body of work, Storm Print City, began in 2007 in Seattle, Washington. Since he has traveld to over 50 American cities and has created 500 unique prints on canvas. He has found that the thrill of discovering and learning about these overlooked objects and the people he meets is what has inspired him most. Muits expresses, “I'd like to continue to inspire others to look at their neighborhoods in a different light and maybe to find their own creative path.” 

Muits studied advertising and design at Hussian College in Philadelphia in the late 90’s. In 2006, he re-located to Seattle where he admired his first sewer cover. After a year, Muits couldn’t get the cover out of his mind he says, “I grabbed some crude materials and made a print that night. I had not that excited about something creative since college a- it was tangible, I could feel it, smell it, see the nuances, fonts, etc.... and I fell in love.” He is still a graphic designer by trade and spent the last 10 years as a freelancer with a couple full-time stints - both of which made him realize he needed to be on the road and in the streets.

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