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Kavan Geary

Artist Kavan Geary focuses his passion for nature into unique artwork. Through his creative vision in photography he has developed three collections: Butterflies, Gothic Light and Inflorescence.

Kavan explains his inspiration: "I've always had a passion for the natural world. This passion is reflected in my work. Natural elements abound in my drawings and photography. I am inspired, rejuvenated, and calmed by the complex beauty of nature. Nature is a sort of meditation, and natural elements are peaceful to me. These feelings are often reflected in my work.

The goal is not so much to create photographs, as to create colorful paintings using natural elements as the paint and light as the brush. The camera becomes the canvas that records what I see."


Kavan developed the idea for his Inflorescence Collection from his more abstract nature photos. The term "inflorescence" refers to the budding and unfolding of blossoms. It is derived from the Latin inflorescere, which means, "to begin to bloom." This collection explores the interplay of light and color. He creates images that focus more on the color and pattern of a part of a subject, rather than on how the entire subject relates to its environment.

Using special lighting techniques, the flowers are illuminated to expose translucent colors, patterns and textures. The colors and images produced by passing light through the flower are much different than when the light falls only on the surface.

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