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Kate Hoyer

“If you find something no one else is doing, you are onto something”, I remember my dad telling me that when I was just in grade school. I learned later that it’s not only finding something that no one else is  doing which is important but also continuing a path that many artists  have walked before. When I started working with stripes, it wasn’t  until I created my first flower from stripes that, I knew I found what  I was looking for. I wanted an art form that would give me the ability to define an object in a way that was new.

I found my art path when I was just starting high school but did not realize it until I was in my early 20’s. What I mean by that is, I had been creating color schemes with stripes and using them in abstract drawings for several years before it hit me that I had found my passion. By then I had fallen in love with Van Gogh’s use of color and the feel of his paintings and O’Keeffe’s slick, smooth, and precise work.


The School of the Art Institute Chicago BFA 1995 
College of Dupage Associates in Science 1989

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