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Kate Harrold

Kate Harrold is a Nashville based artist and photographer, originally from Elverson, Pennsylvania. She has a BFA in Photography from Cornell University and 8 years’ experience working as an artist, photographer, retoucher and printer in Philadelphia and New York City.

Harrold is currently working exclusively at creating, exhibiting, and sharing her photography and digital art. While based in Nashville, you can find her at galleries and festivals across the country.


The work is a digital collage. Harrold photographs each element of the image she is creating (occasionally borrowing pieces from found photographs) and then digitally manipulate & merge them together to create new and unlikely stories. She is often inspired by a building, character, or single detail and enjoy the challenge of removing that element from its environment and creating a whole new space and story around it. Harrold enjoys the confusion between imagination, manipulation, and reality. 

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