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Jason Brueck

Jason Brueck is a digital artist currently residing in Nashville, TN. Before his career as an artist, he practiced law for twelve years in Philadelphia. In 2011, he opened a small art gallery in Philadelphia's Olde City neighborhood and quickly realized where his true passions lie.

His style of combining elements of light and dark, good and evil, and life and death, creates a visual counter balance for the viewer. Astronauts, flames, birds and butterflies are often recurring themes in his pieces, all in hopes of creating a narrative open to multiple interpretations.

His work has been shown across the country, everywhere from street art installations, to juried festivals, to fine art galleries. Professionally, he has been featured in a number of both print and online magazines. He has also been selected as a featured artist for online European art dealer, Junique, and men's fashion retailer, Touch of Modern. His work has been purchased by the University of Michigan, University of Colorado, University of West Virginia, Texas A&M University, Drexel University and Philadelphia's Logan Hotel.

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