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Irena Saparnis

Irena Saparnis, a Lithuanian born artist, studied art and graduated from the University of Technology in Vilnius with a Masters Degree in architecture.  After finishing her studies in art and architecture, she enjoyed an early career in architectural design.  In 1993, she left Eastern Europe, moved to the United States and began producing beautiful batik "paintings".  She currently resides in Willow Springs, IL.  Today, her interest in architecture is reflected in her work.  Her city scenes focus on mundane civic structures.  Her mission is to infuse them with new spirit.  Batik is a fascinating and complicated technique which involves multiple applications of waxing and dyeing the fabric.


Batik has been a part of my life for more than 25 years.  What I love most abut this media is the unpredictability; the sharp lines produces by cracked wax, accidental spots, color combinations, visible brush strokes, ect.  there is no other media where you can get such unexpected, peculiar additions to an original artist;'s design.  The technical process has a life of its own, which can only be manipulated to a degree.  I am still amazed about the silk's unique ability of taking the color and reflecting it with such a glowing intensity.  Over the years, my process has changed a lot.  I expanded media possibilities by adding photo applications, lace, embroidery, burning and sgraffito techniques.  I have been using various subjects in my artwork; human portraits, landscapes, floral design, figurative and architectural compositions, abstract and light. installations.

My Inspiration comes from observing nature, architectural structures, reflections and shadows.  Nonetheless, it can be highly subconscious and driven just from color, emotion and sound.  It comes together into a vision which I try to achive on silk.


Art School, Lithuania
University of Technology, School of Architecture in Vilnius, Lithuania

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