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George Keaton

George Keaton is a self-taught painter working and living in Chicago. Born in 1980, his creative energy was sparked when at the age of four, his father showed him how to draw the wheels of a car with a nickel. Over the next 20 years, living between NYC, Atlanta & Chicago, he sketched a lot, exploring different techniques & subjects. In 2006 George was introduced by a fellow artist to the art magazine Juxtapoz. It was in the pages of this magazine that George fell in love with the rising movement of "street art". Soft-spoken most of the time, but able to relate, George started to find his voice in the art world. He picked up a paint brush for the first time soon after. Since then, George's focus has been to merge street art and fine art through his process and techniques, both self-taught & formally trained.


As far back as I can remember, I've had this fascination with color. I remember being four and mixing my father's shoe polishes. I covered my toy car with white polish and before it dried, followed it with black polish; the resulting grey sparked my curiosity. At the age of 7, wearing raspberry polos and riding a lime green BMX bike, my love of color was fully realized.  As a man and artist, I am still intrigued by color and, furthermore, by process and technique.  Most recently, I have been inspired by animals and I am still adding to this collection. 


Self taught

American Academy of Art 2008-2009

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