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Ennis Martin

Ennis Martin was born and raised in Chicago.  His childhood was filled with inspiring illustrations that he found in comics.  The artistry and story-telling that he found in comic books he poured over when he was young led to a healthy appreciation for art and the desire to have a hand in it himself. For a time he dabbled in graffiti; he took a few courses at the International Academy of Art in Chicago and finally he settled into a style and story that permeates throughout his current artwork. Martin identifies his expression in art as primarily self-taught and continues to devote himself to perfecting his craft in his Chicago home and studio.


The Chronicles story line described in my artwork begins in a post-apocalyptic Earth, in which aliens come to re-create our world, though they have little to refer to, to determine what it once was. The only record they have is torn and tattered pieces of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of the Species. The aliens commence experimenting with concepts of how they perceive life should be. Beginning with aquatic life, they fashion jellyfish, squid and whales. The latter they have termed “Darwins”, in reference to their Origin of Species manual. These original creations are metamorphic beings that can walk on land, as well as swim the waters.

In time, the aliens become familiar with the theory of evolution, yet are still taxed by its application. They create a prototype of the human being they designate “Afterman”, an android-like, bio-mechanical representation of how they envision humankind. Later, evolutionary examinations result in a next generation of humanoids known as “Submarine Man”, yet perfection of the species still eludes them.

Meanwhile, an underlying storyline unfolds. There are remnants of the old Earth that begin to rebuild themselves. The surviving remnants are our machines. Piloted by seemingly innocuous creatures such as bunny rabbits and teddy bears, these “Mechs” as they are coined, provide tension to the story line by violently opposing the new creation brought on by the struggling aliens. From nearly the beginning of new life, contrast and conflict provide the unavoidable balance that has always accompanied the paradoxical nature of our existence-- the ominous and the innocent.


International Academy of Art – Chicago, IL, 2002-2006

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