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Chester Allen

LOVE is the highest frequency on the planet! Care and concern is a concrete manifestation of love. My years of living and my 25 years of designing have been to manifest the care and concern of us all out into the world.

The start for me came when I helped someone do a business plan and they said, “I know you won’t take any money, but at least let me teach you what I know.” He was a goldsmith and he taught me how to use the techniques as vocabulary and to put love into the work.

ADVERSITY is the bloodline of creativity. Many of my pieces start from the premise that, stuff happens, now what do we do. The Storm Within, Back to the Source and Blues to Blessings are titles of award winning pieces where the genesis was things happen to me or others. I pray, meditate, fast and think about things that happen and how to apply universal laws to seek actions to take.

ENERGY & CONNECTIVITY are part of my life and work. We are ALL energy and no energy is ever lost. I therefore transfer and receive energy according to the will of the Source.

Through geometric symbolism, revealing positive and negative space and kinetics; balance is sought. Ancient techniques of forging, creating tools, feeling stone’s energy are used. Sterling silver, red bronze, vitreous enameling, vector tightening, cold cut techniques and bezel setting are also employed. 

In music you have arrangement, composition, improvisation. The first two components deal with what you’re given and with what you start. Now, we become familiar with the basics and we want to take that and “go beyond the page.” The root chord of the improvisation is putting God first, focusing on your inner strength and learning from the past. We all have the possibility to take ELEMENTS OF LIFE to go beyond the page.

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