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Andrea Mistretta

Andrea Mistretta is a self-taught artist, illustrator, graphic designer and calligrapher. Drawing since age three, she worked with her parents in their small screen print shop during her teen years. A recipient of awards from Society of Illustrators, The Art Directors Club and the prestigious Vargas Award, she considers New Orleans citizenship bestowed by Mayor Bartholemy a very special honor. An activist for the protection artists’ rights, Andrea also works vigorously as an environmental activist and founder of Friends of White’s Pond where her studio is located.

Her Mardi Gras art has been the subject of several feature articles in domestic and international art magazines and books. For more than a century many talented artists with visions reaching the outer limits of imagination, have crafted the European inspired tradition of Carnival into the very American celebration of New Orleans Mardi Gras. Since 1985, the enchanting and joyful expressions of one such artist, Andrea Mistretta, have not only graced the heart of the Crescent City, but her posters have also been exhibited at Disney World and Universal Studios. Opulently framed in grand homes, humbly push pinned to the walls of school dorms and hung in local taverns, her classic poster art is a slice of Mardi Gras Culture. Mistretta has been a major influence in the popularity of Mardi Gras celebrations to US regions outside of New Orleans and the South. Mayor Sidney Barthelemy conferred her with the title of Honorary Citizen for promoting a positive image of Mardi Gras and New Orleans through her art. Mistretta’s art has been the foundation of the most successful licensing program in Mardi Gras’ history, with products encompassing not only posters, but tee shirts, silk apparel, jigsaw puzzles, wine bottles, music CD’s and more.

As aficionado of both New Orleans and Sicilian culinary arts, Andrea has designed her own New Orleans Style.

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