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Anastasia Mak

Anastasia Mak (Makarenko) was born in the Ukraine and moved to the U.S. at the age of 14. Later she studied in Italy, and then settled in Chicago. Anastasia's international experiences provided her with early appreciation for cultural diversity; now she constantly strives to expand her knowledge of the world through travel.

Anastasia acquired her art training at a Ukrainian arts preparatory school, which she attended between the ages of 6 and 14. There, she spent countless hours learning art history, composition, and painting landscapes and still lives. But the Soviet system of art education provided so little opportunity for creative exploration! By 14, Anastasia lost all the interest in pursuing her formal art degree. Still, she continued to paint as a hobby, and after moving to Chicago in 2002, started formally showing and selling her works.

Mak's paintings develop from sketches and ideas she captures while traveling and exploring. The main subject matter of her works is world cities and towns, with a contemporary approach. She also loves to paint the city she now calls home - Chicago. Her canvases are spiced with geometrical and whimsical elements, saturated with color and texture, and often appear to be in motion. A few abstract shapes help reflect the mood and energy of each place she paints, and create radiant effects as her cityscapes interact with the sky.

While Anastasia started her career primarily with oil painting, today she is happy to incorporate various materials into her work. Screen-printing, acrylic painting, ceramic painting, markers, and gesso have all found their way onto her pieces.

Anastasia Mak now is a full-time artist with a broad group of collectors, ranging from corporations to college students. She shows her work around Midwestern U.S. and completes numerous commissioned pieces each year. "To me, making art is both challenging and entertaining," says she. "I enjoy passing great pleasure I feel from creating paintings to those who acquire them. While the actual process of painting is driven by my experiences and imagination, I want my audience to find their own life force in my work - be it happy, energetic, meditative, or purely decorative."


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