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Aaron Wooten

Aaron picked up painting about ten years ago as a hobby. He paints cityscapes, political cartoons, portraits, pretty girls and nudes. He's been mentioned in The New York Times, Chicago Reader, Red Eye, Art & Beyond and a number of other national and international arts magazines and journals. He have contributed to the Chicago area art scene for nine years.


My work focuses on the theme of nostalgia. I do this in a number of ways. With my cityscapes and figures and portraits I reflect on photos of the past, bygone styles, dead celebrities and with the use of vintage maude colors. My work deals with memories of temporary constructs rather than grand narratives. The content is one of "happenings".  That is, my work consists of captured events that are taking place and are simply taken out of time of a Proustian nature.


B.A. Hunter College 2002

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