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A K Jackson

Allison K. Jackson has always believed  Cape Cod, MA embodies a special magic that serves as an inspiration to artists.    Her desire to share a little of its beauty with others is the  genesis of her artwork.

A love of the arts was demonstrated in her early childhood when Jackson attended sculpture courses at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Later, with fields of study in Humanities and education, her love of the arts never ceased.

Fifteen years living abroad allowed Jackson to fully pursue that interest.  She studied at the Instituto Dante Alighieri in Rome, as well as participating in classes with GAR (Gruppo Archaeologico Romano -- Roman Archaeological Group). Working freelance as a tour guide to the artistic treasures of the ‘eternal city’ gave her background and access few Americans are privy to.

When returning to live in the U.S., the ocean and dunes of the  Cape lured Jackson and her husband to settle there.   Every morning, without fail, she sets out on a sunrise hike along the shoreline of the Atlantic and through the marsh of its inlets.   The beauty of the shells she finds during these treks are the basis of the sculpted collages she creates

Artist Statement:

It has always been my belief that 'art' is an interactive process.   Gifted artists create works that engage the senses, challenge the intellect and enliven emotions in those who view them.   It is my love of the ocean, in every dimension-- its smell, its sounds, the mist from the waves and the tenor of the air on the beach that spurs my desire to share its beauty with others.    I hope that my collages give people a moment to pause and admire the treasures of our world and then, perhaps, have lingering thoughts of how we should be more receptive to wonders of nature no matter where we are.   There is 'art' all around us constantly, if we only allow ourselves to appreciate it.  Once we do that, we can commit to doing what we can to ensure the preservation of earth's natural beauty. 

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