Rotating Exhibit

July 14 - Sept. 9, 2017

The popular ONE WALL rotating exhibition presented by the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park, returns for its third season on July 14, 2017 and runs through September 7, 2017.  ONE WALL is exactly how it sounds, one wall. But over the course of eight weeks, four unique installations will transform the space occupied by the wall. A unique aspect of this exhibition is that it has 24 hour public exposure and can be viewed in the gallery’s prominent street level window at any time. Artist reception, free to the public, will take place on the opening date of each instillation.

Four artists were selected to participate in this exhibition with work spanning a variety of themes and mediums: 

ROUND 1:  AVERIE Caught July 14th – July 27th   

Averie, originally from Chicago, has recently moved back to the city after living in Boston and Seattle. While in Seattle she stumbled upon Shibari, rope art. With a background in oil painting and photography, Averie saw this as a new challenge

She says, “Rope displays the human form beautifully. Its applications and functionality are endless making it a perfect medium for my concepts. Rope is a tool. It offers structure, security, flexibility, and restriction which is why I value working with it.” She finds that when the rope is applied to the body these properties ignite a freeing sense of vulnerability and transformation.  Averie says, “Caught explores the vulnerability of letting go and the satisfaction of willingly being captured. The subject is a floating body emulating how it feels to be suspended in air, as if suspended by ropes. Yet in this piece, instead of commanding the body, the rope confines the space.” The rope acts as a structure to keep the body from leaving the space, “free to move, free to feel, but not free to escape.”

ROUND 2: EOIN CULLEN Gone too Soon July 28th – August 10th  

“I begin with a word, emotion or memory – it is from those feelings that I create.”

Eoin Cullen was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been a Chicago-based artist ever since.  Cullen approaches each piece he makes as a separate journey. “I often start with a figurative base, but letting the piece evolve with my emotions – hoping to tell a story. The human journey is the basis for my art, including our shared history as the human race.”

Gone Too Soon is about paying homage to deceased musicians we have lost over the past few years. Installed on the One Wall are 41 round speakers ranging from 18” to 8” to make up one large speaker cone.  “Taking a speaker, which is generally black and heavy and converting it to white and light was the beginning thought behind this piece. There is something very peaceful about an all white non-working speaker.” The speakers are casted in white resin symbolizing that musicians can still live through their music even after they have passed.  Cullen says, “Take a moment to remember one of these artist, Put a song in their head for the day, or Perhaps discover one of these artist by looking up unfamiliar lyrics.”

ROUND 3:  BLAKE JONES Certain Effects AUGUST 11th – AUGUST 24th  

Blake Jones is a Chicago-based Artist and Designer originally from Houston, TX. Jones’s work focuses on the contemporary and comical Illustration. He has a wide range of influences and his work has been used in many different ways ranging from murals to music posters.

As of late Jones has been evolving into larger more immersive experiences. Certain Effects blends his illustration work with installation. Jones’s says, “With a focus on humor, fun, and composition, my work yearns to hold an audience’s attention and keep a smile on their face.”


Phil Hawkins is a contemporary installation artist focusing on, sculpture, painting, graphic art, and jewelry design from Omaha, Nebraska. His main practice is producing abstract forms that manipulate the space through highly intricate patters while using a unique blend of macro and micro levels. Often his large-scale installations are sight specific and are always utilizing optical effects.

Hawkins says, Radiate is a site-specific installation that visually transforms the environment.  Multiple angled walls come together and create a connection that flows between the two, as one gets closer scale distortion and optical illusion creates a third dimension.”

ONE WALL runs July 14th – September 7th and is curated by Assistant Gallery Director, Kaitlyn Miller.

Featured Artists:  Averie, Eoin Cullen, Blake Jones, and Phil Hawkins 

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