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Rotating Exhibition Featuring: Intersect Artist Collective, Paul Kenneth, Kate Darmody, Lisa Marie Barber

July 8, 2016 - September 2, 2016

ONE WALL returns for its second season on July 8, 2016 and runs through September 2, 2016. The exhibition provides artists with a single white wall to manipulate as they choose. Over the course of eight weeks, four unique installations will transform the space occupied by the wall. This exhibition has 24 hour exposure and can be viewed in the gallery's street level window at any time. 


INTERSECT is a group of artists dedicated to exhibiting and growing together artistically. The group formed in 2012 and meets regularly to critique, share exchange process insight and develop new bodies of work for exhibition.

CAROL HAMILTON: Encaustic, Cold Wax

Hamilton is an abstract artist who works in encaustic. Her pieces express an inner narrative that translates word into image. Her work is regularly exhibited in galleries and museums across the U.S. 

"I am painting adjectives. These works are based on snippet of words. Language is a visual medium for me. Words and phrases are inseparable with images in my mind: the shape of the letters and words and their connotations. I transform the inner words into visible images."

JOE ISACSON: 3-Dimensional Mixed Media

Isacson is a mixed media artist whose work focuses on process, design and the incorporation of symbolic materials. In addition to creating his personal work, Isacson has extensive experience designing site-specific installations for commercial spaces. 

"I primarily work in fragments of thoughts, images, and words, not seeing the full pictures. Rarely do we experience the fullness of the moment we’re in."

JEFFREY SEVENER: Mixed Media on Wood

Sevener’s paintings capture narrative moments in time. Each piece is a snapshot which focuses on a character acting within those stories.

"The language selections offer stories, and each piece is a snapshot which focuses on a character acting within those stories."

KATHLEEN SULLIVAN ISACSON: Oil and Mixed Media on Wood

Isacson is a figurative painter whose work shows the subject in a psychological context. Her pieces focus on making the intangible part of the human experience visible. For over ten years, Isacson has led a team of fine artists to create gallery and large-scale installations in high-impact spaces.

"I love translating writing into image because I feel that storytelling in this way is a primal form of communication that reaches us in our youngest of places."


“Of my childhood memories, my fondest time was spent exploring my grandparent's eclectic Minnesota estate. They had countless treasures, my favorite being tintype portraits of family members dating back several generations. Some of the photographs were kept in old musty albums, while others were displayed in a crooked salon style arrangement in their bedroom. To me, time had a way of distorting these images; it made them more than just depictions of people. The portraits whispered to me. 

The ancestors depicted in Curious Kin come from both my maternal and paternal lineage to create a self-realized pictorial history of my origins. My process begins with a rigorous preparation of the canvas substrate. Layer upon layer of medium is slowly built up, then sanded away leaving a velvet-like surface that amplifies the materiality of the paint. The foundation of the image is drawn in pencil and begins as a direct representation of the source photograph. The portrait is then transformed into a drawing-painting hybrid after a precise amount of acrylic is applied. The varied textures undulate between harmonious continuity and intentional self-destruction, consummating the final fragmented likeness.

As an artist with a focus in portraiture I am constantly interrogating the norms and boundaries of the figure painting genre. My painting practice entails equal parts of chance, improvisation, and calculated elements of realism combined to create humorous painting mutations. With determination I strive to depict the variety of forms, both real and imagined, that the human and animal body can conform to. The work that I create has an affinity for the strange, awkward, and grotesque while always maintaining a strong sense of sincerity.”

In the fall of 1985, Paul Kenneth was born in a log cabin nestled in the northern woods of Minnesota. Paul works predominantly in the medium of painting and drawing, but explores fiber arts as well. In 2010, Paul completed his BFA in the Advanced Painting Program from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has been included in group shows at LVL3 Gallery, Ebersmoore Gallery, Mana Contemporary, NEXT Art Chicago, and Mountain Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.


Kate Darmody is an emerging Australian artist and freelance photographer who is currently living and working in Chicago. Darmody delicately explores the human condition and the polarity of isolation and connection. Her work primarily deals with stories of humanity and unique experiences that occur within society, social structures, the body and the environment. Darmody’s work is inspired by instinct and intuition, nature, spirituality, morbidity, tribalism and the experiential. 

Sydney born, Chicago based; Kate Darmody’s artistic talent was fostered from a young age. In 2009 and 2010, Darmody was awarded a scholarship for National Art School in sculpture. Darmody went on to study Fine Arts and Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, taking a double major in Sculpture, Performance and Installation and Media. Darmody has exhibited extensively around Sydney, as well as internationally in China and Japan. In 2015, Darmody completed further study in Allied Health and then later User Experience Design (2016), where she immersed herself in the study of human behavior. Fascinated by this, much of her interest in human interaction and movement emerges in her recent work. Darmody is currently living and working in Chicago, where she continues her art practice. 


“For most of my professional career, I’ve created large-scale ceramic installations where passive figures occupy dense arrangements as if centerpieces to improvised shrines. While my aesthetic and process have stayed the same, I have cropped down the work over the years, making it easier to transport, exhibit, and store—the mundane practicalities most artists have to consider. (And I'm getting older!)

These smaller assemblages, and all my recent artwork, encompass my imagined, decorative conceptions of home, gardens, peacefulness, playfulness, and celebration. 

My aesthetic sensibility is rooted in Central American Folk Art and the Mexican Catholic shrines of my heritage and upbringing. For most of my childhood in Southern Arizona, this was the artwork I knew and I always practiced making creations in similar ways. Whether it was through my naive interpretation or some forgotten informal training I received as a child, I came to believe that ornamentation and excess denoted value and importance. Materials weren’t required to be “fine” and tools were expected to be simple. Evidence of “the hand” (the maker) was never something to be self-conscience of or craftily removed. Throughout my life, I’ve remained loyal to this style of making. 

My work comes from a mental space that values solitude, simplicity, happiness, and independence. My artworks, while often perceived as busy, complex compositions, are very simple in concept and method. At their heart, they serve as personal meditations on the ease, beauty, and wonder that can outline every day.”

Lisa Marie Barber was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona in a culturally Mexican-American home. While busy as the current chair of the UW-Parkside Art Department, Barber stays active in her studio and values being a practicing artist. Her artwork has been featured in several publications including American Craft Magazine, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, 500 Figures in Clay, and various reviews in publications across the country. I exhibit my work nationally and have held Artist-in-Residence positions at the City University of New York-Hunter College in Manhattan, Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Watershed Center for Ceramic Art in New Castle, ME, and the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, CA.

ONE WALL runs July 8th – September 2nd and is curated by Assistant Gallery Director Scott Renfro.

Featured Artists: Intersect Artists Collective, Paul Kenneth, Kate Darmody, Lisa Marie Barber

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