Group Exhibit

May 22 - June 28, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday May 22, 2015  6-10PM

SALVAGED BEAUTY is a group exhibition featuring local and national artists at Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park. The exhibition opens to the public with an artists' reception on Friday, May 22, 2015 from 6-10PM.

SALVAGED BEAUTY is inspired by the increasing interest in green practices and sustainability as our society begins to moderate the negative impact we have on our environment and surroundings. Repurposed, recycled, and reclaimed materials are quickly becoming the hottest trend in home living. Repurposing and recycling have immeasurable benefits that not only reduce the waste we create but also add a history, texture, and significance into a space.  SALVAGED BEAUTY is about reinvention.  Artists were challenged to re-imagine what once was and construct new life, function, and beauty into former objects and materials.

SALVAGED BEAUTY is a collection of works that already show signs of their own history. These known histories engage the viewer by presenting the familiar as a starting point where much of the storytelling is already in place for a newly conceived narrative. Wayne Bertola's mixed media assemblage works use found objects and images that function as relics of a nostalgic but ambiguous narrative.  They engage the viewer in a dialogue of dislocated materials and images where the outmoded, the ephemeral and the commonplace are gathered together and transformed.

Jody Oesterreicher also channels the creative potential in the ordinary materials of our everyday life.  Her work "Excess Baggage" uses word play to challenge our notions of consumerism and self-knowledge through language and materialism.  

There is a richness and depth of beauty in old and used objects that new materials cannot achieve. For Deva Suckerman the found material is often the starting point but she says, "it becomes about finding a sense of unity between material and image, a space where imperfections, beauty, light and darkness can all coexist. Combining the warmth of distressed wood canvases with elusive and radiant figures creates an unlikely duality. The mood is peaceful and haunting, perfect and flawed." 

In contrast, Walter Early saves orphaned objects sourced from other artists' abandoned projects, donations, or even replicas of existing sculpture.  The pieces began as planar, volumetric constructions made in steel.  Early then displaces them from their original context by crudely cutting into them, leaving jagged edges as evidence of the intervention.  Most of the visual
information has been removed, distilling the form down to the moments in which the original artist made decisions concerning the sculpture's limits. These fabricated relics, such as "Sparsity 4010," are then situated on found and whitewashed furniture for a newly domesticated status. 

SALVAGED BEAUTY runs May 22 - June 28 and is curated by Gallery Director Chris Jackson, Assistant Director Scott Renfro, and Gallery Artist Laura Junge.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Wayne Bertola, Walter Early, Deva Suckerman, Tim McNamara, Carrie Ann Schumacher, Jennifer Meyers, Tom Robinson, Jody Oesterreicher, Efren Andre, Sharon Bladholm, Judith Gries, Allyson Reza, Brian Gregory, Kim Laurel, Carol Weber, Cristina Velazquez, Teresa Peterson, Chris Gallevo, Tai Taeolii and Ted Harris.

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