Group Exhibit

January 27, 2017 - March 5, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION:   Friday January 27, 2017  6-9PM

Found in nearly every culture, sexuality has been a prominent theme in art. Often pushing boundaries of taboo and ensuing shock to viewers, artists have questioned the normative assumptions of desirable bodies. Erotic displays geared to represent spirituality, fetishism and objectification with satire leave one to feel the “nakedness” of their subject. In a long history of sexually explicit art and now a digital age that has allowed such images to be shared in seconds, our definition and the way we embrace sexuality changes at a constant.

The gallery invited artists from all over the country to challenge the idea of sexuality and in turn was delivered an overwhelming reply. Artists responded with work that was sensual, sincere, ironic, mythical, biological and with an unmerciful view on how society defines explicit art. After a challenging jurying process, it was clear that Seduction would unveil the subtle normalization of eroticism and the sensual nature that can be perceived in a multitude of imagery.  

Artist Michael Coakes, celebrates the sensual nature of sexuality, through precious stolen moments of solitude in a woman’s life, in his new series of photography titled, The Tissage. His imagery displays women when “she’s fully and completely left to herself, no airs and no façade.” Gina Lee Robbins, sculptural artist, takes an alternative approach that is more physiological. Her piece Beyond Darwin, implies a feminine form with access to an interior while Damaged Goods, suggests a penetration or expulsion that is disconcertingly erotic.

Other artists, such as James Mesplé, celebrate a classical narrative that evokes mythological fantasy and a space of underlying sexual agendas. Mesplé displays the tale of Persephone and her abduction by Pluto in Nocturnal Temptation, a tale of sexual desire, obsession, and of course- power.  Ken Wilson, artist behind the collage work of Guarantee Policy, Look Fellows, and Real Flying Models reveals a timeless dreamworld of sensuality. Woven through a multitude of pieces, is a sexiness that begs for multiple viewings and an appetite to unravel some deep hidden mystery. This exhibit embraces the desirable, the vulnerable, the taboo, and the sexual being inside everyone.

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